Who We Are

Your health is our priority


Cure Asia Trading Company is founded in January of 2018, it’s licensed from Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

The company is importing, distributing and selling finished pharmaceutical products across the territory of Afghanistan. The company head of is located in the city of Kabul country’s capital and has distribution channels across the country.

Company is managing and operating by team of professional and experienced young business and health care managers, the president of the company Mr. Masihullah Mesbah is a business and health care professional as well as experienced health industry entrepreneur.

During short span of time we become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical Company within the country, currently we have more than 60 employees, 75 products, 10 distribution channels across the country and a healthy sum of annual revenue.

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Cure Asia Co. mission is to provide, distribute and sales finished quality nutraceutical and pharmaceuticals products for its customers in the territory of Afghanistan. We source our products from world class manufacturers equipped with latest sate of the art abilities. We strives for business growth and profit generation to maximize shareholders’ equity and reward our employees those really deserves, Our uniqueness is offering innovative and quality products with affordable prices and team of professional people. We try to create employment and work for prosperity of the society, honesty is our core value.


Our vision is to become the number one or second supplier of innovative and quality nutraceuticals and dietary products in Afghanistan.